First Post….

Hello dear awesome reader, My name is Enerieta Chris and I welcome you to my fortress of impactful Thoughts.

I love to dream, to create ideas, thoughts, visions, goals and set them at work and yielding positive results.

I am a Financial Freedom enthusiast using the network marketing industry as a platform to create achieve my goals of financial independence, and Here I will be sharing with you ideas and thoughts that will help us become superstars in key areas of life viz a viz leadership, personal development, entrepreneurship, business, personal development, network marketing tips, mentorship , leading an impactful lifestyle.

network marketing; leadership; financial freedom ; entrepreneurship
all encompassing industry

I am very much interested in the network marketing industry because it encompasses all the various aspects listed above, but there are so many misconceptions about the network marketing industry and its high time we began to demystify some of these scary myths. The industry is fun when you acquire and apply the right knowledge and principles. There is a reason why only less than 10% of network marketers make it to the top. What are they doing right and where are we getting it wrong ? . These are some of the questions we will be answering here.

I invite you to Join me in this revolution and lets break the barriers of success in the MLM world.

I also welcome your thoughts on each post, and if you have been blessed by any of the contents you will find here, feel free to share the link of the post to bless others.

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